Meet Indie Rose

Or should I say meet Kirsty, the person behind Indie Rose

When I think back, some of my earliest memories involve being in the kitchen baking with my mum. Whether I was fighting with my sister over taking turns to use the hand mixer, overfilling cake tins so they exploded in the oven, or realising that you can't substitute drinking chocolate for Cocoa when the middle falls straight out of the cake, I just always remember that we had fun. And let's be honest, nothing tastes as good as licking the spoon when you've finished.

When I finished school I never knew what I wanted to do, so following a friend, I drifted into Financial Services. All I did know was that I wanted to work with people and help them when it mattered. That led me into helping people buy their homes. I spent the next 14 years doing a lot of different roles within the same company. Every time I took on a new role (which was pretty regularly) I was always looking for something different, something to challenge and inspire me and make me want to get out of bed in the morning. Although I pretty much always enjoyed what I did, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to do something totally different, something for me that I genuinely loved. When I had  one of 'those days' at work I would rant at my husband, Martin, about being my own boss, getting away from the politics, the corporate rubbish, doing something where I could make my own decisions and feel really passionate about what I was doing. But I was never brave enough to take the leap.

Looking for something to inspire me, about 4 years ago I attended night school to learn more about cake design and fell back in love with it. I'd sit in class and day dream about 'what if...' one day I could make something I loved doing my job not just a hobby that my friends and family loved taking advantage of. But just before the course finished, and just as I was getting my nerve, I fell pregnant (I now have a second love of my life, Zac who is a little mischief and also chief cake tester) and that 'proper grown up' who sat on my shoulder told me to stick with the day job and make sure my mortgage was paid.

So that's what I did until I was given an opportunity 12 months ago, I was offered the chance to take redundancy. When I found out I went back into 'grown up' mode and started thinking about job applications. That's when Martin stopped me and said 'why not take the chance to do what you have always wanted to do, life's too short and you're never going to get this offer again?'

Could I do it?? Would it be a success?? Would I be good enough??

All these questions went round in my mind but the more people I told about 'this crazy idea Martin had' the more people told me it was actually a brilliant idea (thanks gorgeous). I have always made cakes for my family and friends and it turns out they actually thought they were pretty delicious.

Ok.. deep breath... jump!!

Since then I focused all the time I had on developing my skills, learning new techniques and deciding what sort of cake business I wanted to create. Going right back to my childhood, for me, cake was always a real treat and part of a celebration. It didn't matter whether it was a chocolate covered rainbow cake for my birthday made by my mum, oversized scones made by my dad or hot sticky toffee pudding for after sunday lunch, it was always special. Cake of any kind makes me think of my family being together, sat around my mum's kitchen table, laughing, usually drinking too much wine as we all got older and enjoying something delicious. 

What if I could make a business where my customers felt like family and I was a small part of other people's celebrations and their fun memories with their loved ones. Now that is something I could be passionate about. Keeping family in mind I decided not to name my business after myself but after two of my nieces, Indie Mae and Holly Rose. Seeing their two names above everything I do reminds me that every day should be fun, every design should be exciting and it's OK to try and live your dream.


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