Whether you're looking for something traditional or a little different, Indie Rose can help. Using only the best quality ingredients we create flavour combinations that are guaranteed to make you want just one more slice. 

All our cakes are three layers unless you are looking for something with more height. Each moist, delicious layer is held together by either light fluffy buttercream, preserves or silky chocolate ganache. Our cakes are then covered to suit your style, whether that is the perfect crisp finish of fondant icing or the rich and rustic swirl of buttercream or ganache. The possibilities are pretty endless, and oh so much fun.


Traditional Victoria Sponge

A perfect light and fluffy sponge paired with delicious seasonal jam and smooth vanilla butter cream. Perfect for a no fuss naked cake that is certain to please your guests.

Chocolate Cake

Rich, dense and moist, the perfect cake for any chocoholic. Pair it with silky chocolate ganache for even more decadence and maybe add a shot or two of rich Italian espresso for that grown up kick.

You can match any flavour with this cake: orange, caramel, Oreo, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, mint... so let's get creative...

Salted Caramel

A moist caramel cake layered with rich salted caramel butter cream. For a seasonal flavour, mix it with apple, hazelnuts and a hint of spice.

Pistachio Cake

This is one of my favourites. Light as air with a wonderful hint of marzipan, layered with a cream cheese frosting and blueberry compote or a rich dark ganache. Simply gorgeous, or as my Dad put it 'never change that recipe, it's delicious'.

Lemon Cake

Another classic. This moist sponge is infused with fresh lemon and layered with either lemon or vanilla buttercream. You can turn up the sharpness with a layer of lemon preserve, add sweetness with blueberry or add an earthy twist with a hint of thyme.

Red Velvet

With it's distinctive deep red colour, this light chocolate sponge is amazing when layered with either cream cheese frosting or a silky ganache. Some would say it's fit for a princess.

White Chocolate Mud Cake

This moist white chocolate cake is layered with white chocolate buttercream and a sweet, fresh raspberry preserve. It's buttery, luscious and oh so irresistible.

Coconut and Lime Cake

For me, this combination of flavours just screams celebration. A rich coconut cake layered with sharp, fresh lime frosting. Looking for a grown up addition, let's add a hint of coconut rum to really get the party started.

If you have a flavour combination in mind that you don't see here, get in touch. As with every part of your cake, we will work together to make sure it is simply perfect for you.


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